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TruSkool 2010 came to an end on Sunday 25 April 2010, where 11 of the best school crews in the UK battled it out for the chance to lift the TruSkool trophy and take home the title of TruSkool Champions 2010. The whole event has been amazing this year from start to finish, with some incredible performances from school crews – real BBoys and BGirls who understand not only the moves, but the style and the culture as well. The standard across our crews is rising year on year as young people challenge themselves further and come back again and again stronger and more determined.

Three qualifiers in York, Northampton and Surrey attracted school crews from far and wide through February, all coming together to do what they do best – dance! Big thanks to our qualifiers’ judges BGirl Roxy, BBoy Cesa, BBoy Time, BBoy Husain who not only made the decisions on the day, but also threw down and performed, and got in the circle with the crews through the lunchtime jam. Cesa’s history of breaking lecture dem was also a highlight – bringing Cesa’s own unique personality to the floor and  a wealth of information that kept audiences hooked.


The Finals Line up was strong, really strong this year and by the time we got to the battles, there was some serious competition, serious adrenalin and serious focus going on – but at all times mixed with such respect for each other’s work – well done crews! Our 4 judges for the finals: BGirl Roxy, Gemini, BBoy Cesa and BBoy Steady had  a hard job on their hands making the all important decisions, particularly in the final battle – a 10 minute fight for supremacy between skilful and challenging 0.2.ILL and tight, slick and aggressive Breakin’ Hearts, voting for 0.2.ILL after a lengthy discussion. Major thanks to MC Marcus for his entertaining hosting throughout the day as well as performing, and to DJ Hooch for providing  non-stop  sounds from 11-4 without a break.

Lots of you took the TruSkool Workshop Programme this year and it really showed ! Where crews had been mentored properly with top quality BBoys – whether through us or through their own contacts the standard was HIGH!. We are very proud of the progress made by all crews with mentors and big thanks to BBoy AJ for his work with Breakin’ Hearts, BBoy Boogie and BBoy Swifty for their work with NRG and BBoy Zorro for his work with Appleton All Stars. And not forgetting those crews who had our tutors in for a day here and there – so thanks to BBoy Ruffian for tutoring there.

And finally a major thanks to East London Dance and Stratford Circus – fabulous venue and support!

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