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Option 1: Half Day Workshop Session
This session lasts 3 hours and covers foundation skills in breakdance, which will give your crew a basic understanding of the style. The school’s dance teacher will then be required to train the crew further for competition.

Option 2: Full Day Workshop Session
This full day session allows your crew the opportunity to experience a wider variety of skills and gain a deeper understanding of the breakdance style. This session also covers the differences between showcasing and dance battle so that your crew has a basic preparation for competition. The school’s dance teacher will then be required to train the crew further for competition.

Option 3: Educational & Performance Presentation
This option is suitable for larger groups, entire year groups or the entire school and is an excellent opportunity for an Arts Festival day or a day where curriculum is suspended. Within TruSkool, it is perfect for those schools who wish to reach as many students as possible before selecting their crew for competition. We send 3 of our top dancers into your school, who will deliver two 2 hour sessions: one in the morning and an identical session in the afternoon for a different student group. The session includes a talk on the history of breakdance within street dance culture, a live show/demonstration, video and breakout question & answer sessions.

Option 4: Breakdance Residency
This is a week long residency led by a member of the Funkstylerz crew. The week can be broken down in a variety of ways: you could choose to have the luxury of a whole week with your chosen crew in order to give them some intense training and an excellent head start on their showcase and dance battle strategies, or alternatively could choose to have a different student group experiencing the style each day from which you select your crew for competition. The residency ends with a student showcase performance.

Option 5: 10 week Breakdance Mentoring Programme
This is the ultimate Tru Skool training package, designed to take your crew from skills training, to choreographing the showcase, to training in some crucial battle skills, to competition. This option brings consistency to your crew, giving them a weekly 2 hour session for the 10 weeks leading up to the qualifiers, keeping them motivated and on track, and building their individual and team skills as well as their dedication and determination to win.

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