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TRUSKOOL 2010: Regional Qualifier Testimonials

"We started the 10 week mentor programme last summer and the students have gone from strength to strength. Their confidence has rocketed and they have taken this confidence and positive attitude with them to other subjects. The project has allowed them to mix with students from different year groups, form new relationships and learn to work as a team. The mentoring programme has done so much more than lead them to victory it has taught them an array of life skills. They are no longer the self conscious, uninspired and unmotivated students that they were last year. One student commented that she now ‘has a reason to come to school’ and the crew have often commented that they feel ‘like a family’.

The students have been exposed to a whole new world whilst having fun and staying fit. I have never seen them so passionate and motivated about a project. It has made dance accessible for all and I now have 2 boys taking A level dance as a direct result of being involved with the crew.

The whole TruSkool experience has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding one. I believe it to be one of the best things to have happened to dance in schools."
Seri Hodges. Head of Dance Highworth Grammar School, Kent.

"thank you for organising such a great event. Im in Breakin'Hearts and enjoyed it so much :-)" Kayleigh Shepherd, student. Breakin' Hearts.

"I really enjoyed the day at Esher High today." Ann Carpenter, parent.

"Thanks for a great day on Saturday, the kids had such an amazing time and the whole day was excellent, I'm so glad we made it and made it into the finals..." Sally Warburton, teacher. Bath Breakers

"It was fabulous!!! my colleague had no idea what she was letting herself in for!! said it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!" Su Hauxwell, teacher. LAPD. 

"The lads and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Northern heat and we're all delighted to be going to the finals!" Zoey Corbett, teacher. S10.

"Thank you for an excellent time in Northampton, one of the most professional and friendly events we have been to" Emily Simpson, teacher. Hype.

"I just want to say thank you for putting on the breakdancing event as it was really fun and enjoyable" Anonymous student

"Just wanted to say what a thoroughly enjoyable day we had on Saturday. Having never been to an event like that before it was wonderful to see how much time and effort both the organisers and participants had put into the day so thank you for your commitment to this. My son is so enthusiastic with this and is practising every night and keeping up on Facebook with all the comments" Alison Jarvis, parent. Ironik.

"Just emailing to say thanks for an excellent day yesterday. The kids (and staff!) were buzzing from start to finish (and all the way home!!) Its given the students an opportunity to perform that they would not necessarily get. Cant wait for the final!!" Anna Bugby, teacher. Ironik.

":D  Thanks for a truly excellent day!!  :D" Caroline Greenwood, parent.

"Thank you again for Saturday – I’ve had a lot of positive comments from parents about what a great event it was. It was so nice for us to be able to take part in a dance competition with such a friendly and positive atmosphere. When we’ve taken the girls to compete or perform at other schools' events, there has always been a really competitive and quite bitchy undertone, so it was great to see the students so supportive of each other! They had a blast." Lucy Barwell, host school co-ordinator. Esher High.

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